"Rue Eau de Robec" Poster

8,00  - – 25,00 

Available in different formats:

Poster: 20 x 30 cm
Poster: 50 x 70 cm

Illustration: Sasbiteen

Designed, produced and printed in Rouen


We have chosen to call upon young artists from Normandy, who have endeavoured to show us their city through their own eyes. These young people have put themselves at the service of their territory to shout out to the world that Rouen is beautiful, and above all, that we love it. These young people are inspired by tradition to make your memories blossom.

Our products are made in partnership with local suppliers, from creation to printing and production. We chose to live in Normandy, so how else could we give back to the region that welcomes us?

Simone & Gustave offers quality products, designed and manufactured mainly in Normandy and in France at least..

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20×30 cm, 50×70 cm